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The essential rules to follow in this period

The essential rules to follow in this period

In order to function well in a society, there is a need for rules, instructions to ensure the common good.

With the rapid spread of covid-19 it was necessary to draw up indications to follow, in order to be able to safeguard your health and that of those around you. It is an emergency situation that requires maximum attention and collaboration.

Made in Loppiano has therefore decided to make its contribution by following these instructions and reminding them to those who, like you, follow us and support us every day.

A social campaign has been launched, on our Instagram and Facebook pages, which sees the publication of posts regarding the indications to follow, established by the Ministry of Health.

Not everyone knows, for example, how to properly wear a mask or how to effectively clean surfaces. Made in Loppiano, with synthetic texts and simple icons tries to clarify.

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