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Antique values told in a new way

An exclusive production for Made in Loppiano

Ceramica-Centro Ave

Do you think of a gift for someone
important to you?

Ceramica Centro Ave, Loppiano,
articles 100% MADE IN ITALY

Fattoria Loppiano

Fattoria Loppiano:
a variety of colors and tastes

We produce with the ethics and respect for the environment

Made in Loppiano

Made in Loppiano is the marketplace that collects products Made in Loppiano, the first International Citadel of the Focolare Movement. Works of art, ceramic creations, children’s textiles, a good selection of DOCG wines and extra-virgin olive oil, all rigorously made in Italy and handcrafted by the realities that put quality materials, ethical production, and respect for the environment in the forefront.

Official marketplace by Loppiano
The Philosophy
In Loppiano resides a community that lives and works following a law of communion and solidarity, where people of all ages and ethnicities provide knowledge and skills to create a new way of working and living together. From this experience are born unique products made with passion, which represents an entire universe of values.

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Our Brands

The realities that operate in Loppiano produce ceramic articles, textile products for children, artistic creations, oil and wine. Every activity is managed with great attention, towards the product and the well-being of the workers.