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Schools and masks, the new rules

The return to school is approaching, after the summer and, above all, after the long stop imposed by the pandemic that is still in progress. Precisely for this reason, in a state of emergency that requires caution and attention, the CTS (Technical Scientific Committee) today informed about the new rules for the use of masks.

We read, in today’s newspapers, that all students, aged 6 and over, must wear a mask, upon arrival, at the exit and during all movements within the school. Sitting at the counter, with the right spacing, they can remove it. They can use community masks, therefore also in cotton.

Teachers will be able to remove the mask while explaining, because the distance between the teacher’s desk and the first pupil’s desk must be two meters.

In this way the face is uncovered and the teaching activity is not affected.

All students and teachers are required to pay particular attention to compliance with these rules, as they are possible carriers of viruses from the outside.

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