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For 50 years by the side of every child
For more than 50 years, Fantasy Loppiano has been producing textile furnishing accessories for the nursery and accompanies children’s first years every step of the way: bedtime, bath time, first trips… It works only with guaranteed materials, respecting the child and the natural environment around him. All of this, Made in Italy. Experience and constant discussion with parents and experts in the pediatric and psycho-field allow us to offer safe, practical, beautiful products. Each proposal invites a positive relationality, which is also a primary characteristic of the work of this reality. Fantasy is based in Loppiano (Florence), in the beautiful hillside setting of the Florentine Valdarno. Here items are conceived, designed, sewn, packaged and shipped. Young people and families from various parts of the world come here every year for an experience of multiculturalism in diversity. The business community is also open to their contribution, thus enriching itself with the typical traits of a dynamic company capable of innovation. Harmony of interpersonal relationships within the company, with Suppliers, Customers and competitors. A worldview is embraced that places the human person and his or her being in relationship with others at the center. Quality is everything, it is the best: the best idea, the best materials, the best production method, the best working climate. Safety: the Company reserves the utmost care for compliance with regulations and the search for all those expedients aimed at protecting children. Environment: importance for the respect and enhancement of the natural environment in which we live, and for this commitment to use guaranteed materials, to reduce waste and environmental impact. EoC: Fantasy Loppiano supports the “Economy of Communion” (EoC) project: 800 companies around the world promote the “culture of giving” through sharing profits with the needy and through training. Fantasy is a nationally and internationally recognized brand whose products can be found in major early childhood specialty stores in Italy and abroad – Europe and the Middle East.