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Centro Ave Ceramica


Jesus bread in white refractory clay

78.00 IVA inclusa

  • Height 25 cm or 15 cm
  • Maximum projection from the wall 10 cm
  • Design: Italian
  • Packaged in white cardboard box
  • Certificate of guarantee made in Italy


Jesus bread in white refractory clay: Crucifix set in the cross of a bread.

It is inspired by the simplest and most primary element for many cultures. It is proposed as a modern and accessible image. Suitable for everyday environments.

The clear reference to the Eucharist and the gift of self, makes this article particularly suitable as a gift to a new family or on the occasion of First Communion or priesthood.

This wall-mounted article, made of white refractory clay, was designed and created in the laboratories of the Centro Ave Ceramica.

It is the result of careful workmanship and entirely handicraft. It receives, after drying and before firing at over 1000 degrees, the characteristic porous appearance that distinguishes the products CENTRO AVE CERAMICA.

Jesus bread in white refractory clay in two sizes


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 24.5 cm

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