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The Centro Ave Arte is a design, art and architecture studio. It works mainly in the field of holy art.

The Centro Ave Arte was born in 1961 in Grottaferrata. It was coordinated by the artist Silvana Cerquetti who took the artistic name “Ave” with which she is best known and who remained artistic director until 2004. From the beginning, Centro Ave Arte has mainly focused on holy art, creating structures and works rich in spirituality.

The method. Team work is a fundamental principle, with which one aims to look for essential, unified, clear forms, capable of making those who experience them “feel at home”, to recognize themselves. For this reason, the commitment of dissolving thoughts, ambitions, and the conditioning of individual personalities is constant; working where art and architecture merge, becoming inseparable from each other. The works of Centro Ave Arte are in fact characterized by an aesthetic language wherein the role of art and architectural design become inseparable.

Listening is the starting point of every project. The work is conceived as a service to give a voice and express the ideas of the community for which the work is intended. In fact, the idea of ​​the project is refined in the relationship between clients and teams, which is then followed by the functional and technical aspects with specialized consultants or with the help of local technicians.

During the years, the artistic team has been enriched by the collaboration of various artists and architects that, for more or less long periods, participate and give their contribution to the experience of art in communion.

The works. In 50 years of life of Centro Ave Arte there are over 200 artistic works created, more than 80 liturgical adjustments, 8 parish complexes: sculptures, paintings, stained glass windows, mosaics, projects and productions of new churches and chapels, liturgical adaptations and renovations, in Italy and abroad.

In 1965, the atelièr moved to the International Citadel of Loppiano, near Florence.

Deepening. The Centro Ave Arte can be contacted directly for advice, collaborations, projects or orientation visits; we will be glad to have you also in our studios, in the International Citadel of Loppiano, 20 km from Florence.