The marketplace

The Marketplace

Loppiano, the first international citadel of the Focolari Movement, stands on 260 hectares of land immersed in the green hills of Incisa Valdarno, less than 20 kilometers from Florence.

Its story begins back in 1964, when Chiara Lubich, founder of the Movement, decided to choose Loppiano as the first Citadel that embodied the evangelical law of mutual love, uniting it with the elements of a modern city consisting of houses, churches, schools and places of work. Almost a thousand people of all ages, ethnicities and cultures live permanently in the Citadel, or for periods of a few months, who are committed to carrying forward the idea of ​​Chiara Lubich, of a City of dialogue and fraternity.

The realities born inside the Citadel of Loppiano adhere to the Economy of Communion, a project that combines economy and communion, efficiency and solidarity. Each brand is committed to putting people at the center, helping the needy and equally sharing the company’s profits, building an ethical relationship, both with employees and with customers.

A small village nestled in the Tuscan hills that carries out a great idea of ​​communion and solidarity

Our products are the result of the commitment and passion we put into our work every day

The brands that are part of the Cittadella di Loppiano put people and the environment first.

Every reality opens up to the contribution of young collaborators, who come from every part of the world to spend a formative period in Loppiano, during which they experience a unique lifestyle of fraternity and acquire new skills.

Each product, made by hand, is entirely Made in Italy, as thought, conceived and created whithin Loppiano, using materials that guarantee full respect for people and the surrounding environment.

We put people and the value of the Community first

Our Brands

The realities that operate in Loppiano produce ceramic articles, textile products for children, artistic creations, oil and wine. Every activity is managed with great attention, towards the product and the well-being of the workers.