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Seal 愛 [ài] = Love

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This carved ideogram contains some of the richest and best known traditions of Chinese graphic art: the art of the seal, calligraphy, folkloric paper decoupage and so on. Hanging on the wall, hanging from the ceiling or placed against the glass against the light, this simple decorative object wants to bring you an aura of exotic poetry, benevolence and a positive wish.

The ideogram [ài], composed of: 爫 [zhǎo / zhuǎ] hand, 冖 [mì] crown, hug, 心 [xīn] heart and mind and 友 [yǒu] friend, friend. The “love” character therefore means a friendship that touches the “heart” and “mind” together and becomes a physical contact, an embrace. The symbol 冖 [mì] “crown” also gives sacred meaning to the symbol of love.

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  • Material: Annealed iron
  • Technique: laser cutting
  • Spray paint acrylic based red color
  • Weight: 0.43 Kg.
  • Dimensions: 23×23 cm.

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Weight 0.500000 kg
Dimensions 42.000000 × 7.000000 × 30.000000 cm