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Candle holder 五行 [Wǔ Xíng]

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Already in itself capable of containing fire, the candle holder 五行 is characterized by the presence of Chinese characters: fire 火 [huǒ], earth 土 [tǔ], metal 金 [jīn], water 水 [shuǐ], and wood 木 [mù ]. In Chinese culture all the elementary, spiritual, and divine forces of the universe are organized around these 5 fundamental elements. The relationship between the person and the universe is also regulated by the generation cycle 生 [Shēng] (where each element-movement generates the next element) and that of domination 剋 [Kè] (where each element – movement invests in and assimilates the next item).

Shēng (generation cycle)


(cycle of domination)

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  • Material: Annealed iron
  • Technique: laser cutting
  • Gunmetal color spray paint
  • Weight: 0.18 kg.
  • Dimensions: diameter of the lotus 12.5 cm. / height 3.5 cm.

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Weight 0.200000 kg
Dimensions 25.000000 × 3.000000 × 30.000000 cm