Angel of evening prayers, mp3 – Pink

A product born from the imagination of our artisans.

Made of wood with modern colors, which are well suited to any bedroom.

The recorded recording is the voice of children reciting the evening prayers followed by a violin playing Brahms’ Lullaby. Through a Mini USB input we can recharge the battery or customize the recording with another MP3, such as recording: your own voice that guides the child in the recitation of prayers, the story of a fairy tale, music at will, a wish for Good night.


  • Press the bottom of the moon to play or stop playback.

Instructions for changing the registration:

  • Record a voice or song from a mobile phone or other recording device.
  • Convert these audio files to MP3 format.
  • Use the Micro USB cable to connect the MP3 player to the computer and copy this audio file in MP3 format to this product.

Note: the Micro USB cable must be used to transmit audio files; the audio must be in MP3 format 8 ~ 128 KBps. The module can hold up to about 480 seconds / 8 minutes of recording, powered by a 4.2V lithium battery and can be charged via a USB interface; 4M of storage space.

  • Dimensions: 27x24x3 cm